Install Tips for Spiracoustic® Plus Spiral Duct Liner

Johns Manville knows that a fraction of an inch is bigger than it seems. View these highly detailed videos with installation instructions for Spiracoustic Plus® spiral duct liner.

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Spiral ducts are very common in today’s commercial settings. They offer a myriad of benefits ranging from longer duct runs to reduced leakage because they have fewer joints. Additionally, many architects and designers prefer the aesthetic appearance of a spiral duct over that of a rectangular duct.

Spiracoustic Plus® is a single-wall spiral duct liner designed to offer excellent thermal and acoustical properties for spiral duct systems. As an alternative to double-wall insulation systems, Spiracoustic Plus is a pre-kerfed fiberglass insulation designed to line the inside of spiral ducts. It removes the need for the interior duct and reduces the weight of the overall system.

Beyond offering a snug, custom fit for a complete range of duct sizes, Spiracoustic Plus comes with an airstream surface that is factory-coated with Permacote®. This coating is designed to help protect the fiberglass substrate from damage and helps ensure a smooth, robust airstream surface. Lining single-wall systems on straight runs is also a relatively simple process. 

Watch detailed video instructions for insulating straight runs and fittings with Spiracoustic Plus.

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