Tarpenning-LaFollette Celebrates 100 years

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L to R Central Indiana SMACNA President Lora Gandy, Tarpenning-LaFollette owner Hank Meyers and SMACNA CEO Vince Sandusky

Indianapolis-based Tarpenning-LaFollette Co. was founded in 1920 by Byron LaFollette and is one of the earliest known sheet metal contractors in central Indiana.

The company has been a long-standing member of SMACNA’s Central Indiana chapter and is one of the early few SMACNA contracting firms in Indianapolis specializing in architectural sheet metal that created numerous art installations throughout the city.

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Since its inception, Tarpenning-Lafollette has fabricated and installed sheet metal products throughout Indiana and the Midwest. Over the years the company has maintained its reputation for quality workmanship.

The company fabricates and installs a wide variety of custom sheet metal for schools, office buildings, hospitals, churches, and jails for both industrial and commercial application. It is experienced in handling all types of metals and finishes including polished stainless steel, anodized aluminum, baked enamel and vinyl covered steel.

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