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Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual


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This authoritative manual is one that design engineers, industrial engineering departments, pollution control authorities, fiberglass manufacturers and installation contractors can rely upon for the proper selection, manufacture, and installation of FRP duct systems.

The American National Standard (ANSI/SMACNA 011-2017) contains language, tables and details for the construction of hand lay-up, spray-up, and filament-wound FRP ductwork from 30 in. wg negative pressure to 30 in.wg positive pressure. Round Ductwork sizes are expanded to include up to 96 in. diameter. For rectangular ductwork, new duct stiffener tables are added for easier selection.

Recognizing the increased popularity of FRP ductwork, this edition is expanded to include commercial/HVAC applications. Supporting this, an underground installation section is added as well as added language on testing and balancing, duct sealing, and duct leakage.

Duct hangers and support information have been expanded and organized into a separate chapter which now includes: upper attachments, hanger selection tables, channel (strut) used as trapeze, riser support details, and more.

Appendices in this edition cover extended hanger spacing, general information on safe handling of thermoset fiberglass reinforced plastic duct, and allowable FRP defects.