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Testing & Balancing

SMACNA contractors that perform HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, are usually referred to as TAB contractors. These contractors provide specialized services includes performing air and hydronic measurements on the HVAC systems. Their reports form a course of action that assures the HVAC systems are operating at the highest standards of energy efficiency, ventilation effectiveness, indoor air quality and comfort in a healthy indoor environment.

The balancing is usually based upon the design flow values required by the customer or designer. The TAB contractor submits a written report which summarizes the test results and notes any deficiencies found during the TAB work. Many times a TAB contractor will be used to assess and identify any preexisting issues within a facility.

Energy Balance & Integration employee Sarah Moharter performs a duct traverse test to determine the total airflow of a future isolation area exhaust fan.
Gibson Medical Center maximized the number of negative air pressure rooms.
Lohr, a TAB technician working at hospitals and in healthcare facilities, wears full protective gear on the job.
Mitigating COVID-19 in School HVAC Systems.
Fisher Balance employee Dane Gresko uses Evergreen Telemetry equipment to establish and read proper airflow in areas with high ceiling installation.