The construction industry – with all its its trades – is huge. There are 7.4 million people in the construction industry, 12% of which are signatory.  With over 40% of industry workers scheduled to retire in the next 5-10 years and projections for 3-5% year-over-year growth, we are faced with an unprecedented competitive landscape to help people select sheet metal as their trade of choice.

Camps have proven to be a highly effective way to give students an opportunity to test a trade. Almost half of the campers at the Heavy Metal Summer Experience (HMSE) wanted to continue to work in the trade given a chance.

SMACNA will be promoting the Heavy Metal Summer Experience camp as part of a broader effort to promote camps as an effective strategy to bolster workforce development in the communities around contractor businesses. “While HMSE camp was run in summer, there are many ways to take the Playbook and adapt it for after school programs in the fall, for winter breaks, for weekends or evenings. Its time Contractors get creative while also having the opportunity to evaluate potential new hires and see which ones have real potential to join the team,"  added Jeff Henriksen, SMACNA's Executive Director of Communications and Marketing.

To learn more about the pilot Heavy Metal Summer Experience, watch the video below and download the press release.