Volunteering is one of the most profound ways you can give back to your association. Sharing your time and knowledge is invaluable, which is one of the reasons SMACNA greatly appreciates all its volunteers.

Our industry benefits from your involvement and your time. In return, you benefit both professionally and personally by:

  • Contributing to industry and organizational issues.
  • Exercising new leadership, team building and communications skills.
  • Networking deeply with other contractors and thought leaders in our trade.
  • Helping develop programming that keeps our industry competitive.
  • Learning from other successful entrepreneurs like yourself.

SMACNA's Committees and Task Forces

Applications for Committees and Task Forces are accepted year-round; however, selections are usually made in July.

Openings are usually posted in May on the Volunteer page of SMACNA Connect.

SMACNA Board Nominations

SMACNA’s membership and chapters are notified each year of vacancies on the Board of Directors.   Typically, each year there are four vacancies in the U.S., and periodically, there is a vacancy representing the Canadian membership.

To be considered, applicants should be active at their local chapter level, holding committee and leadership positions, and have experience on one or more national committees or task forces.  Successful applicants can demonstrate their commitment through their volunteer efforts and general understanding in how the association works.

All applicants must submit their nomination form online. Openings are usually posted in May.

Volunteer Forms and Resources

Volunteers and committee members can find relevant forms and resources, including the most recent reimbursement form, on this page: Forms and Resources.