Associate Member Program

SMACNA’s Associate Member program is more than a sales encounter.

It's a unique opportunity to build a lasting relationship and become a valued resource to SMACNA members. As the industry's premier contractors, SMACNA members rely on our Associate Members to learn about the latest innovations in the sheet metal and HVAC marketplace.

The SMACNA Associate Member Program provides four levels of membership:

  • Platinum Associate Member
  • Gold Associate Member
  • Silver Associate Member
  • Bronze Associate Member

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SMACNA Associate Membership Benefits

With four unique Associate Membership levels to choose from, SMACNA has the right fit for your company. Each level of SMACNA Associate Membership affords your company with numerous opportunities to showcase your brand to our members through a multitude of exclusive channels.



Why choose SMACNA's Associate Member Program

2023-Associate-Membership-Benefits-Chart.pngWhen your company is ready to make a high-profile commitment to providing the best service, products, and innovative solutions to our member-contractors, then becoming a SMACNA Associate Member gives you the keys to:

  • Get in touch with key purchasing decision-makers
  • Receive ongoing visibility with these best-in-class contractors
  • Engage with SMACNA contractors beyond the instant point of sale
  • Belong to the best networking association in the construction industry.


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