In-Person Events & Programs

Jan 11-13, 2023

MEP Innovation Conference

The technology conference for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, service and sheet metal contractors on industry innovations in software, tools, and technologies.

  • Calendar Date Jan/11 - Jan/13 2023

March 26-29, 2023

Project Managers Institute

Covers the essential skills of effective project management for project managers, including management/leadership, project planning, time management, change order management, and more.

  • Location Raleigh, NC
  • Calendar Date Mar/26 - Mar/29 2023

April 17-19, 2023

Supervisor Training Academy

Developed for both new supervisors and those with several years’ experience, this program provides attendees with the information necessary to succeed in a leadership role.

  • Location St. Louis, MO
  • Calendar Date Apr/17 - Apr/19 2023

May 15-18, 2022

Financial Boot Camp

Covers in-depth financial management issues for those individuals within a firm who are considered “non-financial personnel."

  • Location Tempe, Arizona
  • Calendar Date May/21 - May/24 2023