Business Management

SMACNA develops publications, white papers, educational programs and conducts industry research to help SMACNA contractors maintain a competitive advantage over the competition. SMACNA Business Management presents members with the best business practices being utilized in the industry and that can help run a sheet metal and air conditioning contracting business at optimal levels. Topics covered include financial management, project management, managing a sheet metal contracting business, and issues impacting the changing marketplace.

Contractor Operations Manual

Contractor Operations Manual

The Contractor Operations Manual includes 20 publications covering the operational and strategic areas involved with running a successful contracting business. The latest additions include:

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide

Construction tools are some of the most vital assets to any contractor’s business. They are also often one of a business owner’s largest expenditures in terms of financial resources. To that end, the Tool and Equipment and Rental Guide was written so that members can remain competitive even in this unstable economic climate. This is especially important considering the dramatic price shifts for these items over the past year. 

Recent Updates

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In the Office

In The Office provides contractors with useful information pertaining to the office operations for a SMACNA contractor. From human resources to information security, there are a wide range of topics covered in this section.

Safety and Health

SMACNA develops safety programs, publications, services and videos to assist members in establishing and managing effective safety programs. SMACNA also communicates with OSHA and other federal agencies on issues affecting members and offers briefings on regulatory compliance issues.         

Project Management

SMACNA’s project management resources and educational programs provide members with the necessary tools to help them manage projects efficiently, safely and on-time.

Federal Contracting

SMACNA provides members with resources that will help them pursue federal contracting opportunities, particularly in relation to the Federal Acquisition Regulation.