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Build Protective Factors Against Mental Health Crises, Suicide Risk

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, published its report on Occupation and Suicide July 1, 2016, the construction/extraction industry was stunned to discover that it was ranked No. 1 for highest numbers of suicide. For those of us in the suicide prevention field, this was confirmation of what we already knew: the construction industry is a perfect storm of risk factors for suicide.

Construction Safety's Next Frontier: Suicide Prevention

The construction industry is experiencing unprecedented attention to mental health and suicide prevention. Progressive contractors with leading safety, health and wellness programs are embracing mental health and suicide prevention as the next frontier in safety. The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was born out of necessity.

Mental Health Initiatives for Construction Professionals

What can the construction industry do to change attitudes about mental health? This male-dominated sector sees endless amounts of silent suffering due to preconceived notions, but some employers are fighting back against the stigma. Every construction business can do the same by educating their employees and revising company policies.

The AEC Industry's Deadly Problem

Architecture and construction rank high on a recent report listing suicides by occupation. Are these professions doing enough to ensure the mental health of practitioners and students?

The Impact of a Suicide Prevention Strategy on Reducing the Economic Cost of Suicide in the New Sout

Suicidal behavior has gained recognition worldwide as a significant public health problem. In Australia, suicide is a leading cause of death with 2,273 deaths (aged over 15 years) in 2011 (1,747 male deaths and 546 female deaths), representing 1.5% of all deaths over the age of 15 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013b). Most deaths by suicide are among people of working age, and suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged 25–44 years and women aged 25–34 years.

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