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View the Daikin Air Purifier

Designed to improve indoor air quality within large indoor spaces by effectively removing airborne contaminants, the unit’s ultra-quiet, low-noise operation makes it ideal for environments that require minimal distractions.


Don’t Leave Your Field Behind, Digitize Your Forms and Increase Productivity

Labor is a major cost and limited resource for field teams, yet most fall behind with digitization - you can see this with paper drawings and carbon copy forms still being the major medium for construction. See below how you can empower leadership teams to make the shift to digital forms and then reap the benefits of digitization.



Is Your Facility Protected From Potential Theft?

Take a close look at your business. Does it seem like a place that may attract thieves? Predicting when a theft will occur is difficult – if not impossible. The thief could be someone with high intent who does a lot of planning, or potentially an amateur acting on impulse.


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SMART Code of Excellence

SMART’s Code of Excellence Program codifies the SMART policies and procedures regarding member conduct while on the jobsite.  Implemented at the local level by the business manager, the program establishes best practices to promote professional behavior of members.


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International Reciprocity Agreement and Addendum D

In a June 2015 Memorandum, the SMART General President announced a new addendum to the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Master Reciprocal Agreement. When executed by the Local JATC Trustees, this allows for reciprocity between local training funds which then permits contributions to go back to the worker’s home training fund.


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SMART Constitution

Revised in Las Vegas, NV at the 2nd SMART General Convention in August 2019, the SMART Constitution and Ritual governs the political structure, function, and operation of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers. 


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RHCRA & HSA Presentation

While a Health Savings Account may be used in conjunction with an existing health plan and used while still actively working, a RHCRA is a stand-alone plan that may not be used while actively working.  This presentation discusses expenses covered under an HCRA, important IRS rules to consider and coverage periods.


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How the Labels Work

SMART’s “Label It, Scan It, Report It” phone app uses barcoded labels scanned via a phone app on building trades and production products to convey information on the average crew cost for the fabrication local and the jobsite local.


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HCRA Announcement to all Participants

SASMI is a national benefits fund for the sheet metal workers that provides Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB Benefits) and Underemployment Benefits.  This announcement explains how the Retiree Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA), which became effective in 2014, works. 

Collective Bargaining

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Crew Cost Method of Wage Equalization

In January 2018, SMACNA and SMART signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the "crew-cost method" of wage equalization. The crew-cost method both relieves the administrative burden and challenges often associated with calculating wage e

Affordable Care Act

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ACA Compliance White Paper

The whitepaper, “Contractor Compliance with the Affordable Care Act in 2016,” details the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for contractors considered Applicable Large Employers (ALEs).

March 5-9, 2023

Business Management University 2023

Provides an in-depth study of the business practices necessary to run a successful sheet metal company.  Program sessions include financial management, strategic planning, contractor survival skills, negotiation, surety and bonding, leadership and productivity.

  • Location Tempe, AZ
  • Calendar Date Mar/05 - Mar/09 2023

Closing Dinner and Show

Enjoy a high-energy, crowd-pleasing performances from the best Billy Joel tribute band around, Big Shot. These talented musicians will cover all the major Billy Joel hits that people of all ages love.

  • Location Broadmoor Hall A/Broadmoor Hall
  • Calendar Date Sep/14 2022

Spouse Breakfast

Key note speaker, Nick Espinosa will deliver an informative an entertaining presentation on cybersecurity and how to protect yourself and your business from digital criminals.

  • Location Broadmoor Hall A Foyer/Broadmoor Hall
  • Calendar Date Sep/13 2022

2022 SMACNA Product Show

Meet with dozens of the industry’s most prominent suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers to have meaningful discussions about market trends and opportunities,  while seeing the latest collection of new products and innovations currently available.

  • Location Bartolin Hall
  • Calendar Date Sep/13 2022