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Chapter Supervisory Training Program

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Speaker: Andy Patron

  • Elements of communication: Explore the five elements of the communication process, examine the communication cycle and your role and responsibilities as a participant in the process. We will cover how to evaluate the various methods and techniques of communication and providing insight on email, phone, and web etiquette
  • Time management:  Learn how to analyze which activities impact your time the most and plan, understand the importance vs. urgency dilemma. Learn to use tools to better prioritize your tasks and decisions and discover ways to deal with time stealers: email pop-ups, texts, interruptions, and other people.

Chapter Supervisory Training Program

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Speaker: Chris Carlough

The SMART Members Assistance Program (MAP) provides contractors with assistance to help workers with mental health and substance abuse problems.  The program helps members and their families having difficulty with depression, substance use disorders, and other mental health-related problems.  

Federal Contracting


This is the webpage for NAVFAC EchII CI MILCON which provides program management, support, and oversight (from project definition to financial completion) of all military construction projects executed by NAVFAC and 

January 2024

Maintaining a Labor-Management Relationship

A panel of experienced chapter executives will discuss methods for maintaining a working, and preferably good labor-management relationship with the union during the life of the collective bargaining agreement.  Panelists will discuss how to approach both the union official who is open to a good relationship as well as those where the relationship is more challenged and how they may have changed the relationship overtime.

Tool and Equipment Rental Guide and Schedule

This guidebook offers insights on contractor-owned equipment to ensure industry professionals have the most updated costs to inform internal estimating, project proposals for new and potential customers, and cost accounting efforts.   

Federal Contracting

Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)

The Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) is responsible for all contracting, financial assistance and related activities to fulfill the Department's multitude of missions through its business relationships. 

Federal Contracting

Office of Management

The Mission of the Office of Management is to provide the Department of Energy with centralized direction and oversight for the full range of management, procurement and administrative services.

March 6 2024

Fringe Benefit Funds

A multiemployer plan is a foreign concept to most people who come from a world of single employer health plans and 401ks.  This seminar will help executives understand the basic functions of multiemployer retirement, health and training funds.  Additionally, the seminar will cover the fiduciary role of the chapter as a benefit fund sponsor.

Federal Contracting

SBA Local Assistance

Several agencies provide assistance to small businesses who want to do business with the federal government. You can find one of the resources closest to you simply by entering your zip code on this SBA website.

Federal Contracting

SMACNA Labor Department

SMACNA offers resources to help employers understand some of the federal laws and regulations impacting their workforce. This includes information on the Fair Labor Standards Act, immigration and the federal E-Verify program, as well as guidance on terminating employees and developing workplace policies.

April 2024

Construction Trends

In conjunction with the New Horizons Foundation, NEMI and the ITI, this seminar will explore trends in the construction industry and future trends that are predicted that chapter executives need to be aware and potentially provide education on to their contractors.

Federal Contracting

Small Business Administration's (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee Program

The surety industry supports bonding at all levels and there is a great deal of capacity in the market and bonds are available for contractors that meet the surety underwriting criteria even for the design and construction portion of public-private partnerships (P3) projects. However, for those small and emerging contractors who tend to lack the performance and financial track record of success and may not qualify for surety credit in the standard market, there is a federal program known as the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee Program.