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Chapter Leadership May 13 2021

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DEI, Advocacy, Information-Sharing and Association Antitrust

As SMACNA Chapter associations start advancing DEI efforts in their areas with the best of intentions, they need to be aware that even well-intentioned initiatives require mindful planning. Antitrust risks need to be taken into account when designing and planning initiatives that help members promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Chapter Leadership

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Chapter Leadership Apr 29 2021

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Antitrust Compliance Reminders for Trade Associations

The recent dismissal of an antitrust complaint for failure to offer membership and member benefits brought against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association provides some basic antitrust compliance reminders for trade associations and their members.


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Strategies for Association CEOs Beyond 2020

Becoming more flexible, nimble, proactive and empathetic are just a few of the skills top association leaders say helped them lead through COVID-19. Other leaders pivoted their operating models to focus on revenue-based budgeting, hybrid approaches to learning and networking that combined virtual platforms with local in-person meetings, and, of course, fully virtual events. Here’s how some of your fellow association CEOs adapted in 2020, and how they plan to apply those lessons learned in the future.

Chapter Leadership Feb 25 2021

What to Focus on in 2021

Businesses faced unprecedented changes, disruptions and threats to their operating models in 2020, and yet it’s still hard to know which of those changes will be fleeting and which new policies and behaviors are here to stay.

Chapter Leadership Feb 17 2021

Update: Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

As more COVID-19 vaccines are approved and made available to willing recipients, there will be increased discussion around whether, when and how contractors might require their employees to be vaccinated.