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In the market for value-added solutions? Wondering where to find new and improved products?  This monthly newsletter features the latest products, services and industry technologies from SMACNA's Associate Members. Timely articles on overall market and industry conditions are featured as well.  


Brushing Up on the OSHA Top 10

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Top 10 list accounts for the most frequently cited standards following inspections of businesses and worksites by federal OSHA.

Feb 29 2024

Discover an Easier Way to Water Balance

Dwyer Instruments recently released its new look and updated features for the wireless pressure manometer, Series 490W. Now, a single person using a 490W can monitor and balance a hydronic system in less time and with less manpower.

Feb 29 2024

EZ-R Phenolic Lined Duct

Sheet Metal Connectors now offers EZ-R phenolic lined metal ductwork, which is easier to install and simpler to handle than traditional 3" double-wall insulated sheet metal and comes pre-insulated, fully assembled, and ready to install.

Feb 29 2024

Estimate Better, with FastDUCT Software

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually estimating construction costs for your HVAC jobs? Look no further than FastDUCT, the ready-to-go HVAC estimating software designed specifically for commercial and industrial sheet metal contractors.

Feb 29 2024

AI for Packing Slips and Receipts

Save an average of 15-30 mins for each order by eliminating manual processing and data entry and save 5-10% in material costs by automatically catching discrepancies between what was ordered and received.

Feb 29 2024

Prequalify One & Done

The majority of Subcontractors will be required to renew their prequalification to meet existing job requirements and be eligible for future bid opportunities. COMPASS is here to help streamline this process and bring much-needed efficiency to our industry.


The Most Productive Way to Shear Strut

Milwaukee Tool reinforces their commitment to enhancing safety and productivity for professionals with their new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear, the most productive way to shear strut on site.

Jan 29 2024

Compact Magnitude® WMT Chiller Solutions

This centrifugal chiller delivers energy savings that building owners demand. Magnitude® is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers and can save up to $4 million over the life of the chiller.


The Next Advancement in Angle Grinders

Milwaukee Tool introduces the M18 FUEL™ 4-½" / 5” Dual-Trigger Braking Grinder. With dual-trigger activation, a permanent side handle, and AUTOSTOP™ kickback control, this new cordless angle grinder gives users greater control on the jobsite.

Nov 30 2023

How to Streamline Your Field Tech Stack

In a competitive industry facing a major labor shortage, it’s important to search for solutions that empower the people who are the heartbeat of field service. Learn about 3 considerations to streamline your software stack to be prepared for 2024.

Nov 30 2023

New UniGrip 6 Cable Hanger Has an 800lb SWL

This is the only single-channel cable fastener on the market capable of accommodating 6mm (1/4”) cable, while boasting a SWL of 800 lbs. that now allows the trapezing of heavy-duty duct and multi-tier piping runs with cable hangers.


Learn More About LinacouSTIC® RC-IG

JM’s LinacouSTIC® RC-IG is the first premium, flexible, fiberglass duct liner with a non-toxic, water-reactivated adhesive layer for easier, cleaner, and quicker duct liner installation on sheet metal. 


The Most Productive Way to Shear Strut

Milwaukee Tool reinforces their commitment to enhancing safety and productivity for professionals with their new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear. This tool delivers precise measurements and consistent accuracy, eliminates exposed blades, and provides installation-ready cuts.

Oct 25 2023

Have Confidence in Your Project Delivery

Accurate labor and material pricing minimizes cost overruns, enables informed decision-making, and provides financial transparency to your project. Now project managers can quickly understand if they are on the right track with labor and installation tracking.

Oct 25 2023

KPA's All-In-One EHS Software

Make safety easy and efficient with KPA's EHS software platform. Our program tailors to your unique needs, with award-winning online training, asset management, ESG & Sustainability, SDS management, incident tracking, and more.


Keeping Up With Hazard Communication

If your organization produces, transports, and uses hazardous chemicals, it is important to train employees to interact with these substances safely. Failing to do so could lead to dangerous health side effects or contribute to a workplace fire.

Sep 28 2023

Track Your Tools With Kojo

Track your tools to prevent tool loss, theft, and breakage. Kojo provides field, warehouse, and purchasing teams clear visibility into your tool inventory. 

Sep 28 2023

The Rising Cost of Disputes

A 2023 report found that dispute costs rose 42% from 2021 to 2022 in North America. Learn how to manage and mitigate risks with Raken’s easy-to-use safety and quality tools.


Alternative Metal-Cutting Solution with 18-Volt Capacity

Milwaukee Tool continues to drive innovation within metal cutting with the introduction of their M12 FUEL™ 16-Gauge Variable Speed Nibbler. This 12-volt nibbler delivers fast, clean cuts in 16-gauge mild steel and has the power to cut 22-gauge spiral duct seams.