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Webinar Oct 10 2023

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Webinar: Take VRF Further with Building Automation

This webinar covered two of the fastest growing HVAC trends today – all-electric VRF technology and the rise of smart buildings. Learn more about how leading Building Automation Systems (BAS) solutions can help future-proof your projects and grow your bottom line.

Webinar Jun 09 2023

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Webinar: 5 Keys to Implementing New Tech

Change is a constant in construction and having the right tools to ensure your people, budgets, and schedule stay intact in the midst of change is critical. This webinar is great for anyone interested in adopting technology for improved process, change management and increased overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Webinar Jun 06 2023

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Webinar: 5 Secrets to Healthier Cash Flow

This webinar covered best practices and strategies for getting paid faster along with how to better manage cash flow on projects. It is a must watch for anyone who handles accounts receivable, along with business owners, executives, accounting professionals, and project managers.

Webinar Feb 06 2023

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Webinar: Ventilation Verification Opportunities

This webinar covers the unprecedented opportunity for many SMACNA contractors to gain new business by using ventilation verification services to connect with clients. Chris and Jeremy take attendees through the ventilation verification training for technicians, supervisors and contractors and the types of work they can expect to perform.


Webinar Jul 20 2021

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Webinar: The Steel Pricing Crisis

With the price of steel rising steadily and showing no signs of dropping soon, many contractors are left facing situations where profits on projects are suffering. SMACNA designed this webinar to provide the critical information our members need to come up with practical solutions when facing profit loss due to the current price of steel.

Webinar May 06 2021

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Pension Plans and the American Rescue Plan

The recently passed American Recovery Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) included several provisions that could impact multiemployer plans. This webinar for SMACNA members, chapter executives, and trustees outlined key provisions in the ARPA that are applicable to our industry.

Webinar Apr 08 2021

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Surety Made Simple

Host Brandon Gainer, a surety marketing specialist with Federated Insurance, explains how surety bonds differ from insurance and how they have historically been used on public work projects, as well as their use among general contractors and the impact on subcontractors.

Webinar Dec 10 2020

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Webinar: Federal Bidder Protest Process

This webinar offered contractors a tour through the protest process and presented various options a contractor may have, depending upon the type of contracting vehicle the government is using, for contesting an outcome.

Webinar Oct 15 2020

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Turning Field Obstacles into Opportunities

Supervisors and field leaders are constantly faced with field obstacles that prevent them from being successful and profitable. This EDGE Conference session offered extremely valuable insights to help you work towards mitigating, and eventually, eliminating these challenges.

Webinar Oct 13 2020

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Advanced Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting

Today, more than ever, Chief Financial Officers need to increase their sophistication in linking business strategy to budgeting and forecasting. This EDGE Conference presentation will help you gain a better understanding of the bottom up approach to budgeting using marginal contribution and return on equity principles.

Webcast Aug 07 2020

Pandemics and Productivity

This webcast breaks down the New Horizons Foundation report on Pandemics and Productivity in easy-to-understand pieces and explains how contractors can use the findings.

Webinar Jun 29 2020

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Preparing for an Unfair Labor Practice

This webinar covers the NLRB’s process for investigating ULP charges, techniques for presenting your best case, best practices for working with the NLRB investigator, how to avoid traps for the unwary, and potential options if the outcome of the investigation is unfavorable

Webcast Apr 17 2020

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Staying Calm and Seizing Opportunities

Recognizing that strong, steady leadership in a time of crisis is an essential skill, SMACNA partnered with Eric Anderton, a trusted construction-industry expert and business partner to host a webcast on how you can rise to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic and seize available growth opportunities.

Webcast Apr 06 2020

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Cybersecurity for a Remote Workforce

COVID-19 has forced most companies to adjust their remote work policies and reexamine their readiness against potential cybersecurity threats and breaches. Host Nick Espinosa explores a wide spectrum of topics, including threats facing contractors as they shift part or all of their staffs to remote working status, as well as trusted cybersecurity services available for businesses. 

Webinar Mar 27 2020

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$2T Emergency Relief Bill Briefing

On Friday, March 27, 2020, SMACNA held a Webcast Briefing for more than 500 members and chapter executives. The presentation reviewed the $2.2 trillion relief bill as well as other measures including Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Webinar Mar 21 2020

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Webinar: Federal Procurement Overview

The first webinar on the subject of contracting with the Federal Government explains what many other contractors have already discovered — how easy and profitable working for the Federal Government can be for your business.