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Webinar Mar 27 2024

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Fiberglass Duct Liner for Efficient & Quiet HVAC Systems

Learn more about the different types of insulation materials used for lining the interior of mechanical duct systems, their overall performance qualities, and how to improve project specifications for mechanical air delivery systems by tying specifications together to better facilitate project performance goals.

Webinar Mar 21 2024

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What Contractors Need to Know About Withdrawal Liability

This webinar covered the basics of withdrawal liability, special attention paid to buying/selling businesses, how withdrawal liability may impact business valuation, and when the liability is triggered in connection with a contractor’s cessation of operations.

Webinar Feb 20 2024

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Managing Your Cyber Risk

This webinar discusses several layers of risk management that will help reduce a business’s exposure as well as coverage options available to transfer the risk to an insurance carrier. All Business Owners and their employees will benefit from this important risk management presentation as cyber-crimes are at an all-time high around the world.

Webinar Nov 30 2023

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Webinar: Use Digital Workflows to Streamline Field/Office Communication

This webinar explores the challenges confronting sheet metal contractors today and discusses the best practices to consider when taking steps to improve your shop and jobsite operations.

From streamlining ticket fittings, to better materials management, and analyzing shop run rates, you'll get information about simple and scalable principles you can deploy to implement technology that ultimately mitigates risk, while increasing project efficiency that pivots your workforce to “Proactive Mode”.

Webinar Oct 10 2023

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Webinar: Take VRF Further with Building Automation

This webinar covered two of the fastest growing HVAC trends today – all-electric VRF technology and the rise of smart buildings. Learn more about how leading Building Automation Systems (BAS) solutions can help future-proof your projects and grow your bottom line.

Webinar Jun 09 2023

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Webinar: 5 Keys to Implementing New Tech

Change is a constant in construction and having the right tools to ensure your people, budgets, and schedule stay intact in the midst of change is critical. This webinar is great for anyone interested in adopting technology for improved process, change management and increased overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Webinar Jun 06 2023

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Webinar: 5 Secrets to Healthier Cash Flow

This webinar covered best practices and strategies for getting paid faster along with how to better manage cash flow on projects. It is a must watch for anyone who handles accounts receivable, along with business owners, executives, accounting professionals, and project managers.

Webinar Jul 20 2021

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Webinar: The Steel Pricing Crisis

With the price of steel rising steadily and showing no signs of dropping soon, many contractors are left facing situations where profits on projects are suffering. SMACNA designed this webinar to provide the critical information our members need to come up with practical solutions when facing profit loss due to the current price of steel.

Webinar Apr 08 2021

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Surety Made Simple

Host Brandon Gainer, a surety marketing specialist with Federated Insurance, explains how surety bonds differ from insurance and how they have historically been used on public work projects, as well as their use among general contractors and the impact on subcontractors.

Webcast Aug 07 2020

Pandemics and Productivity

This webcast breaks down the New Horizons Foundation report on Pandemics and Productivity in easy-to-understand pieces and explains how contractors can use the findings.