Financial Boot Camp

Phoenix, AZ | May 20, 2024 - May 22, 2024

About the Program

What you don’t know can hurt you – especially where your firm’s financial statements are concerned. When you “enlist” in this Boot Camp, you will march through the paces and participate in drills based on real-world exercises. You will have the option to evaluate your organization’s financial conditions using our own financial statements. Learn to: 

  • Interpret financial statement for better company performance
  • Calculate and interpret ratios and indicators, including R-scores
  • Understand business entity types
  • Work with credit
  • Develop cash flow projections
  • Understand equipment acquisition and leasing
  • Use financial information for strategic and business planning and risk assessment

Using a variety of case studies, participants learn real world management techniques. The case studies simulate real-world business experiences where there are seldom “yes or no” answers.

This program will increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those individuals within a firm who are considered “non-financial personnel” but need to have the best understanding of the firm’s financial situations.

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