Member Expertise

SMACNA represents a broad spectrum of contractors who use sheet metal to fabricate and build architectural, ductwork, and HVAC metal systems in industrial, commercial, architectural, and residential markets. 

  • Architectural projects, including stadiums, metallic building skins, roofs, and structures
  • Industrial plant HVAC and ventilation systems
  • Residential HVAC
  • Commercial HVAC systems for office buildings, commercial, and retail sites
  • Healthcare HVAC systems
  • Custom fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Building enclosures
  • Testing and balancing HVAC systems
  • Servicing and retrofitting new systems in older spaces
  • Energy management and maintenance

Our members specialize in the tough, complex jobs in each market sector. Primary contractors, architects, and property owners frequently define the quality of our members’ work by referencing their timely delivery, ability to get a project right the first time, strong communication, and highly-skilled workmanship.

What is a Sheet Metal Worker?

Sheet metal workers are unique from other trades in that they are the only trade that actually takes the raw material and fabricates the architectural pieces, ductwork, and HVAC systems they install. Because the role requires full knowledge of the sheet metal lifecycle — from raw materials and fabrication to installation, testing, and balancing — employees of SMACNA contractors all receive at least four years  of apprentice training before they graduate to a journeyperson role and can work on a job site without supervision.

Sheet metal workers work in the shop or on the job site and can work in  varied sector specialties depending on their employer including residential, commercial, architectural and industrial contractors.

Commercial HVAC

Sheet metal contractors within the commercial sector are responsible for installing HVAC systems in a wide range of settings. Commercial sheet metal jobs ensure spaces are comfortable and safe for use by building occupants.


SMACNA architectural sheet metal contractors are at the forefront of the design-build era of metals use. Architects and real estate owners rely on SMACNA architectural contractors to collaborate on designs and to make sure they can be constructed to the design concepts.


Sheet metal contractors working in the industrial sector touch a wide variety of projects ranging from custom installations to long term maintenance and repairs for industrial clients.


SMACNA residential members provide highly professional residential and light commercial work to property owners and management companies.

Testing & Balancing

SMACNA contractors that perform HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, are usually referred to as TAB contractors. These contractors provide specialized services includes performing air and hydronic measurements on the HVAC systems.