Commercial HVAC

Sheet metal contractors within the commercial sector are responsible for installing HVAC systems in a wide range of settings. Commercial sheet metal jobs ensure spaces are comfortable and safe for use by building occupants.  Common projects include HVAC systems in multi-tenant office building, education facilities, retail establishments, restaurants and many other buildings including large structures like stadiums. The work can vary from industrial kitchens to hospital operating rooms, with each project having its own unique characteristics.

Installation progress of return duct risers serving cleanrooms connecting to mechanical mezzanine

Sections of duct were prefabbed, delivered, and installed during the three-day roof rig. 
New roof ductwork was installed before being connected to the fans. 
The city of Sacramento opted for all new ductwork for the Convention Center expansion and renovation. 
Miller Bonded: Five duct systems at the UNM's interdisciplinary Science Building.