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Clean Air in Buildings Challenge


For Building Owners And Operators

The following sections of the US EPA’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge serve as a checklist to improve the safety and health of all occupants within your building(s). The primary difference between the EPA’s version and the following sections is SMACNA identifies when it is most appropriate to work with a professional on Clean Air in Buildings Challenge item


How does the challenge seek to accomplish its goals?

The EPA believes that these strategies outlined above, along with other mitigation techniques, can improve the health of all building occupants and maintain an elevated level of safety for a long time to come. 

In addition, there are other steps that the government is taking to enhance IAQ throughout the country, including:

What resources are available to contractors to promote the goals of the Challenge?

Funding through the American Rescue Plan.

The EPA and CDC have made several resources available in guiding local and state governments through the process of the Challenge.

IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction

The Guideline covers how to manage the source of air pollutants, control measures, quality control and documentation, communication with occupants. It includes example projects, tables, references, resources, and checklists. Methods to identify and remediate lead, asbestos, or other materials that are classified as hazardous materials are not intended to be within the scope of this standard.