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In-Cab Technology: The Future of Fleet Safety

With vehicle crashes on the rise and cost of crash-related litigation skyrocketing, many businesses are leveraging in-cab technology to help protect their drivers, operations, and bottom line.

Many early adopters have achieved impressive results, such as fewer accidents, fewer claims, and fewer false accusations levied at their company drivers. In-cab technology ultimately encompasses any tool that collects information and quantifiable data to evaluate driver behavior, vehicle performance, and road conditions. It could include:

Video or Dash Cams
Are your drivers wearing a seatbelt? Are they distracted by their phone or radio? Do they speed or display road rage? Does the video support their statements regarding who was at fault in a collision?

Drivers who know they are on camera may be more safety-conscious behind the wheel. And, if they are not driving safely, video footage can help you identify their risky behavior so you can take corrective action before a crash occurs. Video recording around the exterior of the vehicle can also help give you a clear view of the facts should a collision occur, which may help support your defense against false claims levied at your drivers.

GPS Tracking and Vehicle Monitoring
Are your drivers on time and taking the most efficient driving routes? If there is an incident, will your drivers remember the exact location where it occurred? Could your drivers more effectively be responding to urgent customer service needs?

GPS tracking tools can help you get full visibility of your fleet vehicles out on the road in real time. Some GPS services can provide information on vehicle location, provide an overview of a vehicle’s daily route, and note the location of an incident. They can also help you find the closest available vehicle when you need to respond to a customer quickly. Telematics systems can also monitor factors such as speed and break usage, giving you a better picture of your drivers’ behavior behind the wheel.

Predictive Analytics and Insights
Do you know how your company drivers compare to others in your industry? How might fleet performance and driver behavior today impact your business down the road?

By analyzing video footage and vehicle performance data, some in-cab technology solutions can provide valuable insights that help you predict and proactively address problems in the future. These insights can be specific to your business and may help you to pinpoint opportunities to improve your safe driving culture and fleet performance.

While in-cab technology may help lower operating costs, lower insurance premiums, increase productivity, and create better fuel efficiency, what really matters is that it can help your company drivers make it home safe today.

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