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High Capacity, Long Throws

Designed for large facilities with high ceilings like distribution centers, warehouses, athletic centers, and big box stores, the TVM Ventilation Modules are made for systems that require the distribution of a high volume of air from a single point, usually roof-mounted unitary equipment. 


Why Is This Thing Dumping Air?

Titus Chief Engineer, Randy Zimmerman observes that after many years of solving comfort issues, he’s found that the most important step is knowing exactly what you’re dealing with and don’t make any quick assumptions.


Videos: Helios Installation & Tutorials

These three videos created by Titus will show SMACNA contractors the benefits of Helios, how to properly set up the Helios and pair it with the postmaster and wireless thermostat, as well as the proper installation and operation of the Helios VAV Diffuser.