The Art of Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette. It's about as much as politics as politeness and punctuality.  In this interactive webinar with communications coaches, Keith Scott and Rebecca Klein of TALLsmall Productions, learn top do's and don'ts for etiquette excellence.  

  Keith and Rebecca will hit on hacks for success when it comes to: 

  • Communication: Top words and phrases to use and avoid. 

  • The Politics of Behavior: When someone encourages you to have that extra drink or turns the conversation to a controversial topic, what are the dance steps you should take to be polite and also professional.  

  • Networking and protecting your personal space.  

  • Dressing for Success at the office and networking events/conferences. 

  • Cell Phones: When to check and when to wait.  

  • Confidentiality: What to do when someone brings gossip to you.  

The session will feature discussion, an extended Q&A and a number of communications challenges designed to put your skills to the test. Keith and Rebecca have led workshops at two national SMACNA conferences and speak around the country at chapter events.