Workshop on Best Practices for Association Policies and Procedures

Join us for a workshop tailored to chapter executives, designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective association management. Chapter executives have a lot to manage while running an effective association and staying within budget. Clear policies and procedures are vital for smooth operations, upholding values, and risk mitigation. 

During this workshop, participants will: 

1. Understand the importance of policies and procedures, ensuring consistency and accountability. 

2. Identify key areas needing policies, including governance, finance, membership, events, communications, and conflict resolution. 

3. Review best practices for insights and pitfalls. 

4. Develop tailored policies with guidance, templates, and resources. 

5. Ensure compliance with legal considerations and adapt to changes. 

6. Promote transparency and communication within the association. 

7. Address challenges and conflicts constructively. 

8. Continuously improve and evaluate policies. 

 Facilitated by Dan Kelly of Felhaber Larson, this workshop offers valuable insights and tools for chapter governance and management excellence. Whether seasoned or new to a chapter executive role, join us to enhance your Chapter's operations and mission achievement.