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Chapter Orientation Program

SMACNA’s National office provides an annual Chapter Executive Orientation Program for both new and experienced chapter executives. The Orientation Program consists of informational sessions with each department at SMACNA National. These sessions on programs, services and operations cover:

  • SMACNA Structure
  • Member Services
  • Convention and Meetings
  • Financial Administration and Membership
  • Legislative and Political Affairs
  • Business Management/Education
  • Market Sector Councils
  • Safety and Health
  • Technical and Research
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Labor Relations, Industry Funds, NJAB

In addition, new chapter executives may request one-on-one training sessions at SMACNA Headquarters with each SMACNA National Department. The one-on-one sessions are coordinated through the Member Services department at SMACNA’s headquarters.

To schedule a one-on-one training session contact Bridgette Bienacker