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Council of Chapter Representatives
June 4-6, 2023 Meeting
Newport, Rhode Island


5:00 a.m.

Reception - TBD


7:30 a.m. 

Buffet Breakfast  TBD

8:00 a.m.       

Meeting  TBD

Call to Order – Chair Paul Klaus 

Opening Remarks 


Parliamentarian – Dan Kelly

Sergeants-At-Arms & Tellers – Kristin De Guzman & Joye Blanscett


New Councilors and Chapter Executives SMACNA Officers

  • President – Tony Kocurek
  • Chief Executive Officer – Aaron Hilger
8:10 a.m.       


I.     Council Purposes

Article XIV, Section 2 of the SMACNA Bylaws states that “The Council of Chapter Representatives shall serve to implement this Association's policies and programs at the chapter level, to interchange information on chapter activities and programs, and to inform the Board of Directors concerning chapter needs and problems.”

II.    Meeting Format

Small Table Rounds – It was the consensus of the Council Advisory Task Force that the small group discussion format facilitated by small table groups provides the best ambiance for full participation of all representatives to the Council. This format will be utilized for future meetings of the Council unless changed by the Council.

III.   Future Council Meeting Sites

  • December 10-12, 2023, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • June 2-4, 2024, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa, Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • December 8-10, 2024, JW Marriott New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana
8:15 a.m.       


  • SMACNA President’s Report – SMACNA President Tony Kocurek 
  • SMACNA Chief Executive Officer Report – Aaron Hilger
  • SMACNA Council Chair’s Report – Paul Klaus
8:45 a.m.       

Icebreaker/Get To Know You Activity – conversations at tables

9:00 a.m.       

New Regs Update: Davis-Bacon, PLAs and Independent Contractor Rule  - Grant Collins, Felhaber Larsen

10:00 a.m.     

Best Practices Resources for Recruiting  - Maggie Powers, SMACNA

10:20 a.m.     


10:30 a.m.    

ITI/NEMI/SMOHIT Strategic Plans Update - Aaron Hilger, SMACNA and Dan McCallum, International Training Institute

11:00 a.m.    

ITI, NEMIC, and SMOHIT Funds and How These Funds Can Support SMACNA Contractors - Dan McCallum, International Training Institute

11:30 a.m.     

NPF Update  - Lori Wood, National Pension Fund

12:00 p.m.    

Group Lunch TBD

1:00 p.m.       

Distracted Driving  - Becky Rauen, Federated Insurance and Grant Collins, Felhaber Larson

2:00 p.m.       

Overview of SMACNA Chapter Education Programs - Joye Blanscett, SMACNA

2:30 p.m.       

Business Items

Action Item:

1.   Can SMACNA negotiate special member pricing with Bluebeam and Autodesk?

2:45 p.m.    


2:55 p.m.       

Onboarding New Board Members and Making Sure They are Engaged and Informed - Cheryl Sprague, SMACNA Sacramento Valley and Dan Kelly, Felhaber Larson

3:40 p.m.       

Workforce Management & Workforce Planning  - Brian Calcagno and Ryan Wolkey, Procore

4:10 p.m.       

Business Items

Action Item:

2.   Selection of meeting sites for 2025 & 2026 [see attachment]

4:20 p.m.       

Open Forum

Topic for Discussion:

•    Retirees aged 55-62 not being allowed to work 40 hours a month

4:30 p.m.       



7:30 a.m.       

Buffet Breakfast TBD

8:00 a.m.       

Meeting – Reconvene - TBD

8:05 a.m.       

Legislative Update  - Stan Kolbe, SMACNA Capitol Hill

8:20 a.m.       

PBGC Update  - Joye Blanscett, SMACNA

8:35 a.m.       

Chapter Financials and the Importance for Your Board  - Nadine Witchel, FCPA, FCGA, Zen Zero

10:05 a.m.     


10:15 a.m. 

Federal Contractors and the Cannabis Industry: State Marijuana Laws May Pose Security Clearance Problems for Contractors  - Grant Collins, Felhaber Larson

10:45 a.m.     

Open Forum

  • Other Topics for Discussion 
11:00 a.m.