Senior Project Leadership Institute

The SMACNA Senior Project Leadership Institute program offers participants the simulated experience of running a sheet metal project with many of the associated challenges. These include understanding and managing project scope, estimating cost to complete, billings and cash flow, and change order management.

About the Program


The SMACNA Senior Project Leadership Institute program will immerse participants in a simulated world, running a complex sheet metal project involving many associated challenges and complications. Through this real-world simulation, attendees will have to understand and manage the project scope, estimate the cost to complete the project, develop the budget and manage billings and cash flow while making adjustments using change order management.

Participants will learn how to think more strategically about a project and improve their skills on identifying and managing the project financials. The program will address many of the key operational aspects and complexities contractors face today from site logistics to project tracking and forecasting.

Why attend? 

  • Track Projects more clearly
  • Manage schedules more accurately
  • Anticipate Impacts and delays
  • Proactively manage any payment issues
  • Assess any change order impacts
  • Provide clear reports to all stakeholders

Program Highlights

  • Real world simulation and Industry specific exercises
  • Reinforcement of leadership and management approaches
  • Exposure to detailed project financial reports

Session topics include: 

  • The Impact of Productivity on Profit
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Performance Management
  • Project Tracking, Financials and Forecasting
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Improving Your Communication Skills / Conflict Management
  • Meeting Management

This program is planned for Spring 2022. Final dates and registration will be posted as it becomes available.