OSHA & Regulatory Compliance


OSHA Field Inspection Reference Manual

This manual provides detailed information on the duties, responsibilities and procedures associated with the majority of OSHA Inspections conducted by OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHO).

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Member Update Jun 10 2021

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OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary COVID-19 Standard

This new emergency temporary standard has been put in place to protect healthcare workers from the coronavirus, while offering additional guidance to employers and workers in other industries to protect those who are still not vaccinated.

OSHA & Regulatory Compliance

OSHA Rule on Silica in Construction

The OSHA rule for silica in construction became effective September 23, 2017 although OSHA included a 30-day “grace period” for full enforcement. SMACNA members affected by this rule are encouraged to take a “holistic” approach to silica compliance by assessing the tasks and processes where silica (found in concrete) is disturbed (cut, drilled, grinded, etc.). SMACNA members should be aware that “Table One” and dust collection tools are not the only options for compliance. 

OSHA & Regulatory Compliance

OSHA Confined Spaces in Construction Final Rule

The OSHA Confined Spaces in Construction final rule, issued May 4, 2015, was unclear about how it applied to attics and crawlspaces in residential construction. However, a settlement was reached between OSHA and interested parties who negotiated the rule.