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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources for Contractors

We all have a responsibility to use all the tools available to keep ourselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Collectively and quickly responding to this pandemic is the most important immediate issue we face as an industry. The COVID-19 vaccine is a safe and easily implemented tool now at our disposal to battle the pandemic and return to a normal life at home and on the job. The following resources will help contractors to educate employees and encourage a healthy and vaccinated workforce.

SMART/SMACNA Joint Statement, March 2021

SMART/SMACNA Joint Statement, September 2021

OSHA ETS Rule Says Contractors w/100+ Employees to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination or Testing by 1/4/22 | SMACNA

Extending Stay of OSHA ETS Rule | COVID-19 Information - All SMACNA members

OSHA Delays Enforcement of ETS Rule

Latest OSHA ETS Developments & Federal Contractor Vaccine Update | COVID-19 Information - All SMACNA members

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Accurate vaccine information is critical and can help stop common myths and rumors.

Communicating with your employees

By providing information about COVID-19 vaccination and establishing supportive policies and practices, employers can help increase vaccine uptake among employees. Share clear, complete, and accurate messages, promote confidence in the decision to get vaccinated, and engage your employees in plans to address potential barriers to vaccination. Strong confidence in the vaccines within your workplace leads to more people getting vaccinated, which leads to fewer COVID-19 illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths.

COVID-19 Key Messages Handout – English and Spanish

Educational Campaigns

Contractors that want to bounce back quickly from the pandemic will need every employee available to perform at their best. So, encouraging employees to be vaccinated makes a lot of sense. Implementing a vaccination campaign for employees designed to build confidence will go a long way to educating employees about the vaccine’s benefits.


Tests are an effective tool to help employers prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.  Tests, when used for screening employees in non-healthcare workplaces, can detect current infection before an employee enters the workplace or returns to work.

Vaccination Sites/Programs
Sample Policies