LJAB Guidelines, Forms, and Training Materials

To assist in conducting grievance hearings at the Local Joint Adjustment Board (LJAB) level, SMACNA and SMART have prepared LJAB Guidelines. Included in the guidelines are instructions for LJAB Chairs during the hearing, recommended procedures, guidance on issues of jurisdiction and timeliness, and examples of properly completed forms for requesting LJAB, Panel and NJAB hearings.

It should be noted that in the past, a number of areas sought to bypass the LJAB hearing and appeal grievances directly to a Panel. The LJAB is a vital step in our grievance procedure and should be convened for all grievances. Even if a case ultimately deadlocks at the local level, the record developed at the LJAB is critically important at subsequent steps of the grievance procedure.

Questions should be sent to Joye Blanscett by email at jblanscett@smacna.org or by phone at (703) 803-2997.

LJAB Grievance Form

LJAB Guidelines

LJAB Training Materials

LJAB Objectives are to:

  1. Conduct a fair LJAB that renders a legally defensible and binding decision.
  2. Develop a good record if the matter is appealed to an Article X Panel.
  3. Settle disputes in a way that benefits the industry and leads to labor-management harmony.

This 14-page document will walk you through the process.

2019 LJAB Training Materials



content reviewed 2/2021