SMART Duct/Mechanical Insulation Agreement Template and Analysis

In August 2015, the SMACNA Labor Relations Department released a memorandum outlining key aspects of the SMART Sample Agreement Template for a Local Duct/Mechanical Insulation Agreement.  The Sample Agreement Template was unilaterally developed by SMART and intended for use by Local Unions to develop a stand-alone collective bargaining agreement with existing or new contractors who wish to perform the scope of work outside of the existing local building trades’ agreement, specifically, duct insulation for acoustical or thermal purposes.

The memorandum includes the Sample Agreement Template as an attachment.

Key aspects covered:

  • The relationship with Local CBAs and Addenda
  • Execution of the agreement
  • Scope of the agreement
  • Employment classification
  • Recognition Language
  • Classification/Supervision
  • Ratios
  • Compensation

 SMART Duct/Mechanical Insulation Agreement Template

Analysis of SMART's Duct/Mechanical Insulation Agreement Template

content reviewed 1/2021