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SMACNA Names New York Contractor Melissa Barbour as 2019 Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of

SMACNA announced Melissa Barbour, chapter executive of the Sheet Metal Contractors of Long Island, as the Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year at its 76th Annual Convention in Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas — October 21, 2019 — The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) today announced Melissa Barbour, chapter executive of the Sheet Metal Contractors of Long Island, as the Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year at its 76th Annual Convention in Austin, Texas. The annual award is given to the person who has made a substantive contribution to their local association and SMACNA as a legislative and political leader on the local, state, and national levels.

“Melissa is a leader in SMACNA and as a legislative advocate on countless critical policy issues,” said Vince Sandusky, SMACNA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Whether promoting industry priorities on Capitol Hill or taking meetings in local city halls, Melissa has become a standout advocate for our association on key issues. On behalf of SMACNA, we’re incredibly proud of all she has accomplished in her career, and congratulate her on this well-deserved recognition.”

Barbour actively manages a variety of industry events with government and political officials for her chapter in New York, one of SMACNA’s most engaged chapters. She is a leader to her peers, often inspiring members to discuss and take action on pension reform, energy efficiency, labor and management opportunities, commercial, industrial, and public market expansion, and more. Because of her guidance, members of the Sheet Metal Contractors of Long Island are successfully advancing national, state, and local priorities while lobbying elected officials about industry issues.

“As a leader and Congressional Insiders Club member for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Political Action Committee (SMAC PAC), Barbour knows that political and legislative action deserve equal priority and she understands the value of business advocacy to change and implement important government policy,” said Sandusky. “Her efforts encourage other SMAC PAC members to address advocacy in the same way, as they continue to meet with government officials at all levels.”

The Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year Award recognizes the important legislative and political roles played by SMACNA’s chapter executives. Barbour has demonstrated personal and professional involvement in SMACNA’s government affairs efforts and has achieved outstanding success in mobilizing members into action.


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