Ask your Representative to Protect the Davis-Bacon Act

SMACNA is urging members to tell Congress to oppose H.J. Res. 103 which would repeal new Davis-Bacon Rules. 

SMACNA is urging its members to help defeat an effort to repeal the newly finalized revisions to the Davis-Bacon Act. A group of Representatives are spearheading an effort through H.J. Res. 103 to stop these critical rule changes from coming into effect. 

On October 23rd, the US Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division finalized the Davis-Bacon Reform rules. Months earlier, SMACNA had reviewed and endorsed with comments the proposed and final rule to make long overdue reforms to both the Davis-Bacon rules and enforcement of those rules. SMACNA's August 9th statement on the Davis-Bacon rules can be read here.

  • Those long opposed to prevailing wages, registered apprenticeship standards, PLAs, minimum wages, and basic labor standards seek to kill the new rules- using the Congressional Review Act (CRA) and a coalition of misguided Representatives.
  • The CRA allows Congress, by majority vote, to overturn any regulation within 60 days of becoming final. Congress has 30 more days to pass H.J. Res. 103.
  • H.J. Resolution 103 was sponsored by two dozen zealous anti-Davis-Bacon GOP Members of the House. We are asking SMACNA members favoring the Davis-Bacon rules to oppose the repeal effort (H.J. Res. 103). 
  • Therefore, Congress must hear from YOU and our members in force about the need to strike down H.J. Res. 103 and make these new reforms permanent.  

SMACNA encourages each of its chapters and contractors to contact their Representative to seek their opposition to H.J. Res. 103. This vote is based upon a misguided effort to kill the long overdue and extremely valuable new rules strongly endorsed by SMACNA and all our prevailing wage allies, from management to labor organizations.  


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    • NOTE: The form letter is customizable; please adjust the greeting (for your Representative's last name), your name, title, organization name, and signature as appropriate. The link to SMACNA's August 9th statement is included in the letter.

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