Call to Action: Purchasing Processes Survey

Join the New Horizons Foundation in their collaboration with SMACNA Silver Associate Member Field Materials that will benefit SMACNA members.

SMACNA contractors have always been great stewards of their future. The New Horizons Foundation is proud to be a part of that future.

Fellow contractors, I need your help. Recently, NHF pushed out a survey on purchasing processes. Field Materials is a SMACNA Silver Associate Member, who volunteered to create the survey and publish the results.

I’ve been through the survey myself. It’s short and painless. I’m appealing to all SMACNA contractors to participate in the survey. We’ll learn a lot with your help. And then, we can turn that data into specific action you can use to improve your business. If you haven't had a chance, please click here to complete the survey. 

I know I can count on you!


Guy Gast
Chair, New Horizons Foundation