Department of Labor Issues Heat Hazard Alert

Notification designed to reinforce employer’s obligation to protecting workers from heat related illness and notify businesses of stepped-up OSHA inspections and enforcement.

The Department of Labor has issued a heat hazard alert in response to soaring temperatures throughout the United States. According to a release detailing the announcement, the alert is meant to “remind employers of their obligation to protect workers against heat illness or injury in outdoor and indoor workplaces.”

In addition to the alert, OSHA will investigate and enforce heat safety regulations. High-risk industries, such as agriculture and construction, will be an area of focus for the agency’s efforts. 

OSHA uses hazard alerts to provide specific information on safety and health hazards to employers, workers, and other stakeholders. An alert describes the hazard and offers recommendations on how hazardous exposures can be eliminated or reduced and what actions employers should take to protect employees. These actions include:

  • Highlights what employers can and should be doing now to protect employees.
  • Ensures employees are aware of their rights, including protections against retaliation.
  • Highlights steps OSHA is currently taking to protect workers.
  • Directs employers, employees, and the public to crucial OSHA resources, including guidance and fact sheets on heat.

Take a moment to read OSHA’s recently released heat hazard alert.