Evergreen Telemetry Joins as Silver Associate Member

Learn more about this company provides technicians with the tools they need that eliminate wires and tubes, increase productivity, and make every job faster, easier, and safer. 

SMACNA proudly announces that Evergreen Telemetry has officially signed on as the newest Silver Associate Member. Recently, their Director of Sales & Marketing, Toni Angres, spoke with SMACNA about how Evergreen Telemetry can help SMACNA members.

"We strive to provide technicians with the industry's most efficient and customizable tools. For example, our patented Wrist ReporterTM continuously displays real-time results from as many as ten wireless sensors, making high-productivity TAB and Cx Faster, Easier, and Safer."

When asked what excites them the most about becoming a SMACNA Associate Member, she replied, "We're really looking forward to having the opportunity to spread the word about Evergreen Telemetry and our dedication to providing Faster, Easier, Safer equipment to technicians in the field."

Angres said, "We are open to new and custom solutions for challenging applications, and we appreciate feedback from the people who use our equipment daily. Let us know how we can make your job Faster, Easier, and Safer."

SMACNA members interested in learning more about Evergreen Telemetry are highly encouraged to visit evergreentelemetry.com or email toni.angres@evergreentelemetry.com.