First SMACNA FAB Forum Proves to Be a Roaring Success

Event highlighted technological innovation and best practices for sheet metal fabrication.

SMACNA member contractors descended upon Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2023 FAB Forum, a first-of-its-kind opportunity for members to learn more about shop fabrication. The event featured speakers detailing some of the best practices SMACNA contractors employ during sheet metal fabrication. Breakout sessions touched on various topics that gave attendees a glimpse into the work their peers are doing and how it can be translated into the operations of their shops.

The highlight of the first day of the event was an extensive on-site tour of Indiana-based Poynter Sheet Metal. Attendees rotated to 12 different stations within Poynter’s massive Greenwood, Indiana facility. The group got a chance to look at some of the work being done by Poynter, including their work on projects such as mobile vaccination centers that are being used throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan region. The tour also highlighted a lot of the emerging technology that Poynter is using, including laser welders. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions of Poynter employees to gain a better understanding of how these tools are helping Poynter deliver the highest quality product to the customer.

In addition, Poynter President Joseph Lansdell talked about the history of his company and some of the challenges and triumphs that his firm encountered. Lansdell provided an overview of the work currently being done by Poynter within the community and how attendees can apply the lessons he learned to their businesses.

Take a moment to watch a video recap of this year's event.