Georgia SMACNA Celebrates 75 Years of Service

Chapter celebrates its long history of contributing to the general welfare of the entire sheet metal and air conditioning industry. 

Georgia SMACNA recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary at a gala celebrating the chapter's past and reflecting on its promising future. Georgia-SMACNA started right after the conclusion of the Second World War as the country began to experience the post-war economic boom. Several cities, including Atlanta, were pressed for highly skilled workers for the prospective projects that were on the horizon.  

Twelve charter member firms petitioned the Georgia Secretary of State on behalf of what was then known as the Central Georgia Sheet Metal Contractors Association. The organization was formally incorporated on January 9, 1948. One of the firms that was part of the original 12 was owned by J.D. Knox, whose family has continued to serve SMACNA and, more significantly, the HVAC industry for several generations. Six years later, in 1954, the chapter established the Joint Apprenticeship Program in cooperation with Local Union 85.

Over the coming decades, the chapter continued to weather the industry's changing economic winds, whether during periods of recession and economic contraction or boom periods where work was plentiful. The demand for highly skilled contractors was constant. Georgia-SMACNA also worked as an able partner of labor at several moments, including, but not limited to, the foundation of the health, pension, and vacation funds jointly managed by Management and Labor Trustees, all of which are still in place today.

Georgia SMACNA has nine member firms, including three of Georgia's largest sheet metal contractors. Also, the organization has made countless contributions to the national association, including two national presidents, Jack Knox and Carl Miller, and several National Executive Board members. Georgia SMACNA is also active on the political front, as it is responsible for several political pacesetters and remains in the top 10 in PAC contributions. 

 The anniversary gala was attended by several dignitaries, including SMACNA National President Tony Kocurek and his wife, Cindy, and several representatives from Local 85. During her remarks to the audience, Georgia SMACNA Executive Vice President Ginger Slaick talked about the chapter's legacy, "Longevity in business is defined by continued success over time, built on a solid foundation for long-term growth. GSMACNA was formed on a strong foundation, and despite the economic ups and downs over the decades, it has experienced continued success over the last 75 years. "

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