Indigenous History Learning Journey Session

Learn more about the rich history of Indigeous Peoples throughout North America during the October 24th Learning Journey Session. 

BE4ALL invites you to join the latest Learning Journey session, which will center on learning more about Indigenous History throughout North America. The session, which will happen on Tuesday, October 24th at 7 PM Eastern Time, will feature Sarah Adams, of the Choctaw Nation and Redland Sheet Metal, along with Lyle Daniels, Community & Indigenous Director of the Building Trades of Alberta.  Sarah and Lyle will talk more about the history of the Indigenous peoples of North America, their history working within the skilled trades, and talk about some of their own personal expieriences and how they tie into the greater community. 

Take a moment to register for this event here. This event is open to all SMACNA members. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Squirewell at