Interest-Based Bargaining Workshop for Chapters and Local Unions Held in Orlando

Session prepared bargainers for negotiations by teaching them best practices on how to maintain trust throughout the course of discussions.

SMACNA and SMART's Interest-based bargaining workshop was held February 5-7, 2024, to prepare bargainers for negotiations based on industry interests rather than the parties' positions. Facilitated by Michael Gaffney, affiliated with Cornell University, participants learned the foundations of interest-based bargaining, focusing on identifying interests and using principles and techniques to maintain trust. Techniques to help identify interests included asking numerous questions to reveal underlying needs and concerns and collaborative problem-solving. Participants practiced using simulations to reinforce methods, including clear and consistent communication of fundamental values.  

Other program elements touched on using objective standards, constituent engagement, establishing ground rules, and preserving the partnership. After training, chapters and local unions kicked off their negotiations using interest-based bargaining, with Michael Gaffney on hand to assist.