International Certification Board Announces Fire and Smoke Damper Certification Changes

Updates to certification scope, knowledge base, and exam content for supervisors and technicians bring certification in line with industry standards.

The International Certification Board (ICB) has announced updates to the Fire and Smoke Damper (FSD) certifications. ICB periodically reviews their certifications to ensure that they are in line with relevant industry standards and practices, the notable changes include:

  • The certification scope, knowledge base, and exam content for the FSD Supervisor and FSD Technician have been updated to meet current industry practices. 
  • A new certification was created from two knowledge domains removed from the FSD Technician scope. The new certification is named FSD Technician Stairwell Endorsement.

The ICB Certification manual has been updated to reflect these changes. Click here to review the updated manual. ICB’s notice on these changes can be viewed here.