Midwest Metal Products Joins as Bronze Associate Member

Learn more about this leader in rolled angle rings flanges and structural shape bending, including their WonderFlanges that are available for spiral pipe.

SMACNA proudly announces that Midwest Metal Products has officially signed on as the newest Bronze Associate Member. This leading rolled-angle ring flanges and structural shape bending manufacturer is ready to help SMACNA members.

Recently, SMACNA spoke with Midwest Metal Products’ President, Geoff Wendt, about how Midwest Metal Products can benefit and assist SMACNA members. “We supply angle ring flanges for industrial piping, like blow pipe and WonderFlanges for commercial piping, like spiral pipe, and we are uniquely positioned to accommodate the needs of SMACNA members through superior performance, quality, pricing, and accountability”, he said.

When asked about what excites him about joining the SMACNA family, Wendt replied, “This is nothing short of a great opportunity to be a partner to SMACNA members and help them with their needs.”

He closed by saying, “We look forward to working with and serving the SMACNA community. Please remember that we send all our rings and flanges on size, on time, all the time.”

SMACNA members interested in learning more about Midwest Metal Products are highly encouraged to visit their website or contact Sales@ringmidwest.com.