Negotiation Strategies Course is a Must Attend

SMACNA's 2024 Collective Bargaining Orientation (CBO) features an extended and enhanced session focusing on negotiation and conflict resolution strategies.

SMACNA's 2024 Collective Bargaining Orientation (CBO) will feature an extended and enhanced session devoted completely to negotiation and conflict resolution strategies facilitated by Ron Seeber, past Senior Vice Provost at Cornell University and Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations.

This course will allow participants to gain a much better understanding of the bargaining process and the confidence needed to bargain effectively and efficiently.

In addition to this session, CBO will continue to provide chapter executives and contractors that are entering negotiations with:

  • Basic legal advisement on collective bargaining in the construction industry
  • Guidance on preparing to bargain
  • Updates on industry settlements and trends
  • Changes in the Standard Form of Union Agreement

SMACNA encourages young contractors, new chapter executives, and new negotiating and bargaining committee members to attend this two-day workshop to help ensure their future collective bargaining success.

Get the information you need to be properly prepared.

Registration Fee: $175

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