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New Bronze Associate Member – Appello

Learn more about this all-in-one field operations management solution, specifically designed to optimize workforce and project management for specialty contractors and subcontractors.

SMACNA is proud to announce that Appello has officially signed on as the newest Bronze Associate Member. This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can help SMACNA members streamline their operations, cut administrative costs, and access real-time data to make informed business decisions.

Recently, SMACNA spoke with Appello’s Co-Founder, Corey Shelson about how Appello can benefit and assist SMACNA member contractors. “Appello is uniquely positioned to support SMACNA contractors with their operations, as the platform is specifically designed for sub-trades and specialty contractors. Appello can help SMACNA member companies boost their productivity, maintain a safe working environment, and increase their profitability through reduced overhead and automation”, he said.

When asked about what excites him about joining the SMACNA family, Shelson replied, “We strongly believe Appello can provide significant value to member companies. We've already met a lot of great people and organizations who are SMACNA members, and we are excited to be an active and engaged member of the community.”

He closed by saying, “One of the biggest things our existing clients often bring up is that we listen to our customers. We are constantly improving the platform, and adding features and functionality, based on the feedback we receive from clients. Our goal at Appello is to provide a platform that reflects the actual workflow of your organization. We strive to enhance, improve and automate, not to rebuild or force a customer to completely change the way they operate.”

SMACNA members interested in learning more about Appello are highly encouraged to contact