New Silver Associate Member: Griplock Systems

Learn more about this provider of innovative suspension solutions for the HVAC industry that includes customizable cable systems and other hanging equipment.

SMACNA is proud to announce that Griplock Systems has officially signed on as a Silver Associate Member. They provide innovative suspension solutions for the HVAC industry, offering customizable cable systems that provide secure and flexible support for ductwork, and other hanging equipment.

“What excites me about becoming a SMACNA Associate Member is the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading professionals and contribute to the advancement of the HVAC industry through innovative suspension solutions that meet the evolving needs of SMACNA members”, Brian Pimental, Griplock Systems’ Sales Manager.

“By partnering with Griplock Systems, SMACNA member contractors can benefit from our experience, customizable solutions, commitment to safety, and reliable technical support. We look forward to collaborating with SMACNA members and contributing to their success in the HVAC industry,” Todd Hemingway, President & CEO of Griplock Systems.

SMACNA members interested in learning more about Griplock Systems can visit or email