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Order Your Copy of the New 4th Edition of the HVAC Duct Systems Inspection Guide

Every SMACNA Member Contractor and Chapter is intitled to one free copy of either the PDF or hard copy of the latest edition.

HVAC Duct Systems Guide Cover

Each SMACNA member company and chapter office is entitled to either one free PDF download or one free hard copy of HVAC Duct Systems Inspection Guide, 4th Edition. Use promo code 'HDSIG4COMP'' at check-out in the PROMOTIONAL CODE box. Hard copy book orders will be subject to a shipping fee.

The Fourth Edition contains guidelines for the inspection of commercial HVAC duct systems for compliance with SMACNA/ANSI HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible (4th Edition), Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standard (8th Edition), and Phenolic Duct Construction Standards (1st Edition). It reviews materials and reinforcement of duct systems, as well as the assembly and supports of ducts. The Fire, Smoke, and Radiation Damper Guide (6th Edition) also summarizes the installation, maintenance, and inspection of fire life safety dampers. The Grease Duct Construction Reinforcement Standards (1st Edition) covers common construction and reinforcements for Type I grease ducts. Checklists for ductwork and fire dampers are included.

Valuable as a study guide for the HVAC Duct Construction Standards and for learning inspection procedures in general. Includes soft metrics.