Nominations Now Open for SNIPS Contractor of the Year

Program recognizes HVAC Contractors who demonstrate exceptional achievement in ductwork installation, renovation, and restoration.

SNIPS News is opening the application process for the 2023 Sheet Metal Fabrication Contractor of the Year contest. The submission deadline is October 27, 2023, and the winner will be announced in the December 2023 SNIPS section within ACHR news.

This peer-reviewed award celebrates HVAC contractors who complete duct fabrication and installation nationwide. SNIPS NEWS’ editorial board will judge entrants for a portfolio of work and company culture that exemplifies innovation and excellence in the HVAC sheet metal fabrication industry. Previous SMACNA member contractors who have won this award include Poynter Sheet Metal and McCuster-Gill.

All HVAC contractors who handle ductwork installation, renovation, and restoration are eligible to enter. Firms that apply must have one project that has been/will be completed within the year to be eligible. 

Take a moment to learn more and submit an entry for the SNIPS 2023 Sheet Metal Fabrication Contractor of the Year contest.