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Regulation of the Month: EEOC Workplace Harassment Prevention

Learn more about the changes in regulations meant to ensure that workplaces are respectful places where employees feel safe on the job.

The latest Regulation of the Month series entry focuses on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ‘s revised guidance on preventing workplace harassment. The newest version is designed to help companies build workplaces where employees feel safe on the job. The latest version of the guidance includes sections focused on addressing instances of online harassment. 

SMACNA has several resources at contractors' disposal to assist their efforts in building a positive workplace. One item is SMACNA’s Rapid Response Protocol, which is available on the SMACNA website. Another tool is a recent webinar titled “Tools for Conducting an Effective Internal Investigation.”

Watch the Regulation of the Month Video on EEOC’s Revised Guidance on Workplace Harassment Prevention.