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RIVET Work is the Newest Silver Associate Member

RevOps Director, Brian Witt spoke with SMACNA about how RIVET streamlines forecasting, scheduling, and field communication to maximize labor utilization and grow businesses.

SMACNA is proud to announce that RIVET Work has officially signed on as the newest Silver Associate Member. Their RevOps Director, Brian Witt, recently spoke with SMACNA about how RIVET Work can help SMACNA members.

“At RIVET, we offer Workforce Management software and solutions to identify, plan, and control this risk, as well as align labor across jobs to create success on future jobs. Our aim is to make life easier for these contractors in general,” said Witt.

“We know that contractors are often caught in rough waters with labor being scarce while massive amounts of work/opportunity are all around. RIVET is the lighthouse on the shore for specialty contractors, constantly letting them know how far out they are getting (forecasting/winning a bunch of work) and coming back to shore when needed to ensure they have the people when they need them, and the jobs/labor budget will have beneficial results.”

When asked what excites them the most about becoming a SMACNA Associate Member, he replied, “Being able to find more contractors that see the need, better yet - opportunity, for Workforce Management to make the very most of their people across projects. RIVET wants to work with them to find a better way to do more with less regarding forecasting and maneuvering their workforce across their jobs and navigating their business growth.”

Witt went on to say, “We are here to connect, share, and learn to identify the opportunities ahead, and in doing so, we all win. We truly care about the industry and improving outcomes for everyone through better Workforce Management.”

SMACNA members interested in learning more about RIVET Work are encouraged to visit or email