Seeking Examples of Tracking, Dashboards, and Processes for Using Key Performance Metrics

The New Horizons Foundation, working with Penn State and a SMACNA contractor task force, is developing a guide  for implementing and managing a performance metrics program. 

The New Horizons Foundation is working with Penn State and a SMACNA contractor task force to develop a guide to support member contractors in the planning and implementing a performance measurement program.

NHF is creating this member resource to support the adoption and use of key performance measures to track better and manage the work of sheet metal and HVAC contractors. One of the areas the task force could use your help with is identifying good visual examples to incorporate into the guide to help show the diverse ways contractors collect, track, and use their performance data. 

If you think you have something we might be able to use – please reach out to Rob Leicht, a faculty member at Penn State and lead project researcher, to have a short Zoom call to discuss your process and examples. Rob’s email address is: Robert Leicht -