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SMACNA Launches Project Labor Agreement Resource on SMACNA Website

Page contains critical facts on the value of PLAs, news coverage on the use of PLAs throughout the country, and joint SMACNA/SMART comments on recent PLA regulations.

SMACNA is launching a new online resource centering on project labor agreements (PLAs) and how they benefit customers, contractors, and labor. The new page will contain several sections illustrating the value of project labor agreements. These include:

  • Frequently asked questions on project labor agreements and how they benefit all parties during the construction process.
  • Media excerpts on recent project labor agreements for significant projects
  • Joint SMACNA/SMART comments on current PLA-focused federal regulations

SMACNA champions PLAs as they ensure that large construction projects are completed economically and efficiently while also increasing the supply of highly skilled workers who are qualified to improve the nation’s infrastructure, creating good-paying jobs that support a middle-class standard of living, and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. SMACNA supports the Biden administration’s efforts to expand the use of PLAs in federal construction projects and encourages their use in all large projects, both in the private and public sectors. Take a moment to visit the new resource and learn more about the value of a project labor agreement.